Savings and ROI, and cost of renewable electricity generation or conservation

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kW (AC)
per year
% $
% $
Capital investment after subsidies6,126.50$
Life cumulative utility MMC7,510.52$
Electric energy savings2,628kWh/y
Average electricity cost savings1,232.64$/year
Crude oil import savings614.13$/year
Average return on assets20.12%/year
Payback time: min & fixed8.029.35years
Loan payments: max avg'd & fixed893.38785.28$/year
Average, annual ROI13.21%/year
Total generator life ROI330.2%
Total net cost savings23,652.94$
Compound, annual ROI5.84%/year
Normalized cost of system3.06$/W (peak)
Normalized cost of system20.42$/W (avg)
Averaged output electricity cost0.223$/kWh
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